Member Resources

Here’s some more in-depth information for members to be able to reference:

Member Handbook

This helpful resource gives an overview of all the basics that members need to know. Click here to check it out!

Chapter Bylaws

This is the most important resource in the chapter. These bylaws, which have been ratified by our members, are the authority on all of our collective work. Click here to read them.

Conflict Resolution Resources

Sometimes, political disagreement can turn into personal conflict. There can be plenty of other situations that you may find yourself having trouble with. The chapter has several resources that are developed to help members who are navigating difficult circumstances. Click here to learn more.

Community Agreements

These principles are meant to foster healthy interaction between members. Click here to read them.

Social Media Policy / FAQ

One of the most public, ongoing projects is our use of social media. Here’s some basic information about our policies in that area. Click here to read them.

Decision Making Guide (Coming Soon)

As a democratic organization, having clear ways for groups to make decisions is a big priority. This guide will help members know how to develop proposals and interact with various chapter structures.

Mission Statement and Organizational Priorities

Our organization doesn’t just exist to vaguely “do good.” We’re here for some specific reasons. Click here to read our mission statement and priorities.