Hi DSA-LA comrades!

We’re excited to announce the winners of the 2021 DSA-LA National Convention delegate election. This election saw a record number of delegates running (150!) and record turnout, with 593 members of our chapter voting. That’s more voters than we had in our December 2020 local officer elections. That’s more DSA-LA members than have ever participated in a single event or action!

The chapter’s membership has democratically spoken. Here are the 77 delegates and 15 alternates our chapter has elected to represent DSA-LA at the National Convention in August.


This election was run using Single Transferable Vote (Scottish), hosted on OpaVote. No modifications to the timeline or candidate list were made after launching ballots. Ballots were sent to DSA-LA Members in Good Standing. Some members who were having issues or who had their membership recently expired were sent ballots separately after the initial release. The list of “alternates” was calculated as the “runners up” who finished outside the top 77 point-getters. This list was the result of 109 rounds of voting under Scottish STV. There is not a traditional chronological ranking of candidates under this methodology, as multiple sets of candidates could be elected in each of the various rounds of voting depending on that round’s minimum vote threshold.

Thank you to every member who participated, and good luck to our convention delegates. Go make us proud!

Your delegate election team,

  • Hannah K,
  • Jordan E,
  • Nick H,
  • Peter P


Everyone who received a ballot will receive an email from OpaVote shortly, containing a link to more detailed election data.


  •  Aaron W.
  •  Abdullah F.
  •  Abril D.
  •  Alex Wi.
  •  Alexander W.
  •  Alissandra V.
  •  Andre A.
  •  Andrew L.
  •  Anthony G.
  •  Ariadne L.
  •  Arielle S.
  •  Aura V.
  •  Barry E.
  •  Benina S.
  •  Betsy U.
  •  Bitta S.
  •  Cindy G.
  •  Courtney Q.
  •  Daniel L.
  •  Daniel D.
  •  Denis P. R.
  •  Denise F.
  •  Erin O.R.
  •  Farzana W.
  •  Felix.
  •  Forrest D.
  •  Francisco C.
  •  Gary H.
  •  Haley P.
  •  Hannah Ke.
  •  Hannah Kl.
  •  Hector A.
  •  Hugo S.M.
  •  Jack S.L.
  •  Janet H.
  •  Jason S.
  •  Jenny M.
  •  Jeremy B.
  •  Jess M.
  •  Johnny E.
  •  Jordan E.
  •  Katie C.
  •  Kellen D.
  •  Kyle S.
  •  Lauren B.
  •  Leone H.
  •  Leslie C.
  •  Lilian D.
  •  Maikiko J.
  •  Marc K.
  •  Marissa A.
  •  Marlin M.
  •  Meagan D.
  •  Michael N.
  •  Michael S.
  •  Miguel C.
  •  Nat R.
  •  Nick B.
  •  Nicky M.
  •  Olga L.
  •  Paige G.
  •  Paul Z.
  •  Preeti S.
  •  Rafael J.
  •  Ricky G.
  •  Scott C.
  •  Sean B.
  •  Shakeela S.
  •  Shiu-Ming C.
  •  Staci O.R.
  •  Steve C.
  •  Susheela N.
  •  Sydney G.
  •  Tal L.
  •  Violet C.
  •  Zack W.
  • Zarinah W.


  •  Angie S.
  •  Crysta S.
  •  Edgar O.
  •  Greg G.
  •  Jed P.
  •  Jimbo H.
  •  Jon T.
  •  Lane M.
  •  Maria S.
  •  Mark M.
  •  Michael Lu.
  •  Ryan A.
  •  Samuel S.
  •  Shota V.
  •  Tiana M.