Proposed Resolutions and Bylaws Amendments updated 9-24-21.

Steering Committee received and certified 5 proposals for Priority Resolutions, and 4 proposals for bylaws changes! Check them out below. We will also be adding a full convention page on the website soon, compiling all available information about convention. Some info about timing is available at the bottom of this post. For a full convention schedule published already, check out our Bulletin #1.

Priority Resolutions:

Resolution for Guaranteed Healthcare for All in CA
Authors: Kenyon M., Sean B., Cheng-Sim L., Steven G., Erin OR.

Accessibility and Orientation Resolution (Amended)
Authors: Andy P. and others

Multiracial Leadership Development Resolution
Authors: Maikiko J., Benina S., Jordan E.

DSA-LA for Universal Childcare Priority Resolution
Authors: Max B., Felix H., Janet H., Kati S., Carley T., Farzana W.

Green New Deal for Public Schools in LA (Amended)
Authors: Marc K. and Jordan E.

Bylaw Amendments:

2021 Chapter and Bylaws Reconstruction
Author: Erin O.

Four Months Notice for Convention Amendment
Author: Andy P.

Open Steering Meetings Amendment
Author: Andy P.

Only Amend Bylaws at Convention
Author: Jordan E.

Proposal for Voting Accessibility
Author: Rich R.

For the next week, we will be accepting amendment submissions until 9/18 at midnight. These can be emailed to Steering at These are suggested amendments to any of the original resolutions or bylaw submissions. We ask that anyone submitting an amendment to consider the following:

  • Is the amendment in the spirit of what was originally written?
  • Does the amendment articulate the problem it is attempting to solve as well as the solution?

Most importantly, we ask members to talk to each other! If you have an idea that you think might improve or strengthen an original submission, reach out to one of its authors. We encourage authors to start discussion threads on the message board in the Announcements section under the “Local Convention” tag as well.

Any amendments will be forwarded to the original submission authors and then shared with the membership on the 20th. We will be holding a Town Hall to discuss and debate the resolutions and bylaw amendments on September 29th. Authors are also free to hold their own Q&A sessions about their resolution or amendment.

Resolutions and amendments must be finalized by 9/30/21. If authors decide to accept proposed amendments as friendly and incorporate them into the original submission, they need to email the Steering Committee so the language is updated accordingly. Finalized submissions will be published on 10/2/21 and those finalized versions will be what we will debate and vote on at convention on October 16th.